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About Me

I have been travelling since 2010 and through doing so I've grown emotionally, intellectually and, more recently, spiritually. Despite being over 10 years into this journey, I often feel like I'm just at the beginning. No matter how much I travel I am always delighted and often speechless when I encounter something new. One of the things that I love most about India is that I am always having new experiences. No two days here are the same and I'd love to help you experience it too.

The founder of Bhavana Experiences in Wayanad

Why Bhavana Experiences?

I set up Bhavana Experiences because I love travelling to India and I want to introduce other people to this wonderful place. Bhavana in the ancient Sanskrit language means to cultivate. I aim to create guided tours in India in which you feel safe and comfortable so that you can relax and absorb the magic of India.


To allow you to do so you will be accompanied by myself and Paul, my business partner from Kerala, every step of the way; from the moment you engage with me online, to the moment you step off the aeroplane in India, I’ll be with you every step of the way. I hope that through experiencing India with Bhavana Experiences, it will broaden your horizons and cultivate your mind.

Kerala backwaters rice fields


The idea to organise group tours in India came to me in early 2019 when my family visited me for a tour of India. I organised a tour for them from Mumbai to Kochi. Their India tour was a basic

'on a shoe string' adventure which pushed them out of their comfort zone. Much of my family had not visited India before, it was a trip that included many firsts.
We rode Indian trains, buses, and auto-rickshaws. On the Indian railway, we pretty much lost my dad as he was so busy chatting away with our fellow travellers. The night buses were bumpy and didn't have toilets, but somehow we all managed to get a fairly good night’s sleep and the experience was exciting. Our hotels were basic but as I insisted to my family - it was just a bed! We spent most of our time out and about exploring; trying Indian food, visiting heritage sites and experiencing Indian culture.

About Our Tours

The India tours that I offer at Bhavana Experiences are not as basic as the tour I took my family on! This is because I want to provide adventure and comfort. We'll be staying in 3* hotels and we'll only be travelling by air-conditioned trains, private mini-buses or auto-rickshaws. Trains offer you the freedom to walk around and there are toilets and food services onboard. Indian trains are a fantastic experience and a great way to experience the country. I love travelling by train in India, so I believe that a trip to India wouldn't be complete without a train ride or two!

The founder of Bhavana Experiences in Gokarna, Karnataka

What makes our tours unique?

The founder of Bhavana Experiences in Rishikesh

Our tour itineraries are based on things that I have already done and loved. Throughout my travels, I've met many Indian and foreign travellers and picked up numerous tips for places to see, things to eat and where to go! This is reflected in my tours of India - we're going to some popular tourist destinations but wherever possible we'll be getting off the beaten track.

Bhavana Experiences

To ensure that our tours of India run smoothly, we work with an Indian travel agent and tour guide, Paul, who has been working in the tourism industry in India for the last 25 years. Both of us will accompany the group on the tours. So far, we have successfully completed six tours of India together and hosted over 50 individuals, with several repeat visitors. The price of our tours of India starts from £1,050 per person. So that you can budget appropriately, almost everything is included in the cost of our tours except for a few meals and some optional activities.

The founder of Bhavana Experiences in Gokarna
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