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India reintroduces eVisa for Brits

The Indian government have reinstated eVisas for British citizens after a 16-month hiatus. British citizens can now apply online for a 30-day, one-year, or five-year tourist visa for India. That means we don't need to book in-person appointments anymore. It's as easy to visit India as it was before the pandemic.

This is great news for the tourism industry in India, as many group tours and package holidays for British travellers were getting cancelled due to the challenge of getting visa.

eVisas are much simpler, and cheaper too! A 30-day eTourist visa costs $25 and a 1-year eTourist visa costs just $40. eVisas are usually approved within 24-48 hours of applying so we can arrange it shortly before travelling.

To apply for an eVisa, you need to complete the online application form here. After completing the form, you'll be taken to the payment page and your application will be processed.

When your application has been approved (usually within 24-48 hours), you'll receive confirmation via email.

Then, you'll need to print out the ETA from this page and bring it with you for inspection at immigration on arrival. At immigration, your eVisa will be stamped inside your passport.

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