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Discovering Kochi's Vibrant Cafe Scene

If you're arriving early or staying on after the Southern India tour, Kochi offers a vibrant cafe scene worth exploring. From artistic spaces to quaint gardens and fancy coffee shops, these cafes promise a delightful experience amidst the city's cultural richness.

Here are some recommended cafes and restaurants that you may want to explore during your stay but please note - this list just serves as a starting point. Fort Kochi is such a peaceful place that is easy to walk around. There are cafes and restaurants to be discovered everywhere! Please let me know if you find something worth adding to this list.

The locations are linked, just click the names and Google Maps will load.

Just a stone's throw away from our hotel, this charming cafe is air-conditioned with great coffee and an all-day breakfast menu. They also serve cakes and pastries.

Grab a coffee and a window seat to watch the world go by, it's the perfect place

for people-watching.

Another air-conditioned cafe with a large selection of drinks, brunch options and a few Kerala dishes.

This one is a must-visit! Alongside the art gallery, the garden cafe is a beautiful place to sit and enjoy breakfast or lunch.

Just across the road from our hotel, Warehouse Cafe is a hidden gem in a charming garden setting. Here, you can enjoy a wide range of delicious Kerala dishes.

For a touch of luxury, Forte Kochi is a 5-star hotel with a great restaurant. I would highly recommend dining here or having cocktails after dinner, by the pool.

A great spot to enjoy a blend of traditional Kerala flavours and contemporary vibes, making this cafe a must-visit for those exploring Kochi's cultural heritage.

From plant-based delicacies to eco-friendly practices, this cafe not only nourishes the body but also promotes sustainability, making it a favourite among health-conscious diners in Kochi.

This list would be incomplete without a huge push for you to go and visit Sheeba who lovingly cooks up delicious Kerala meals for about 100 rupees a plate. I wish this place was called Auntie Restaurant! Please tell Sheeba that Ruby sent you :)

It's worth taking a short tuk-tuk ride to this famous local cafe serving Masala Dosas and other South Indian snacks. The vegetable masala dosa for 60 rupees is a must-try!

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