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Discover Delhi's Delights: Things to do before or after your tour

Are you planning to arrive early or stay on after your group tour in Delhi? Dive into the city's vibrant culture and heritage with my personal guide to some of the must-visit places and experiences. This list combines my favourite things to do in Delhi as well as some discoveries and recommendations from our previous tour guests.

As part of the tour itinerary, our time in Delhi will be limited. If you'd like to arrive early or stay on after the tour, I hope this list will help you to plan your extra time.

If solo travel or navigating the busy streets of Delhi isn't your cup of tea (and I totally understand!), consider exploring with Get Your Guide Tours. They offer affordable packages that typically include hotel pickup and drop-off, a knowledgeable guide, and transportation for the day. Please avoid shopping with these guides and drivers as they are on commission and they can be quite persistent. You'll have plenty of shopping opportunities when on tour at your own pace in places like Rishikesh, Pushkar, and Jodhpur.

Please note, the websites or Google Locations are all linked. See the underlined text :)

Discover some of Delhi's famous tombs, starting with Humayun's Tomb:

Begin your exploration with a visit to the majestic Humayun's Tomb, a UNESCO World Heritage site that embodies the essence of Mughal architecture. Humayun Tomb inspired several major architectural innovations, including the Taj Mahal.

This is another Mughal Tomb in the heart of Delhi, but this one is quiet and has very few tourists. This feels like a peaceful getaway from the Delhi crowds. Enjoy the gardens and marvel at this ancient Tomb.

One for the foodies: Old Delhi Food Tour:

Wander through the bustling streets of Chandi Chowk sampling some of Delhi's most delicious street food with a passionate and knowledgable guide. A Chef's Tour organises guided food walking tours all over Asia and they are experts. As well as tasting some of the best street food Delhi has to offer, your guide will also take you to a Sikh temple and kitchen to discover how they feed 30,000 Delhiites daily. For more information and bookings, click here.

Pay a visit to one of the most prominent Sikh Temples in Delhi and experience the heartwarming hospitality of the Sikh Community. Both men and women need to cover their heads before entering and dress conservatively (shoulder and full legs covered for both men and women). Here you can witness the unity and compassion that define Sikh culture while immersing yourself in moments of tranquillity.

For a different experience, visit Paharganj and Rooftop Cafes:

This is the backpacker area of Delhi but it's a busy bustling market area simultaneously. This is a great place for tourist shopping if you are ok with busy areas and crowds. Please take extra care of your personal belongings in this area. There are also henna artists if you want a semi-permanent souvenir and some touristy rooftop cafes to escape the crowds.

To get here, you can take a tuk-tuk or get the metro to RK Ashram Marg. If you look on Google Maps, you can walk the length of Main Bazar Road from Rama Krishna Ashram to New Delhi Railway Station. The closer to you get to the railway station, the busier it gets.

There are a few rooftop cafes at this junction but I always go to this one: Exotic Rooftop & Cafe. Your beer will be secretly served in a teacup, go figure!

For history enthusiasts, visit the Partition Museum:

If you're joining us for the Northern India Tour, we'll visit the Partition Museum in Amritsar. But if you're here for the Rajasthan Tour, you may want to pay a visit to the newly opened Partition Museum in Delhi. I highly recommend the museum in Amritsar and I hope this one is just as good but I haven't been yet.

You may already know of ISKON from seeing Hare Krishna devotees singing and dancing worldwide. This is the biggest ISKON Temple in Delhi where you can get a taste of Bhakti Yoga. If you arrive in the afternoon there will probably be kirtan (mantra chanting) to participate in. There is also an interactive museum depicting Hinduism and the concepts of reincarnation, divine nature, eternal time, yoga and the universe. It's worth checking out for a colourful introduction to Hinduism.

For the shopaholics, Dilli Haat Market is the perfect place to escape the crowds:

Vendors from all over India are here selling their arts and crafts. You have to pay to enter Dilli Haat but once inside you will be away from the traffic and hassle. As well as shopping, you can get food here and sometimes there are cultural performances.

If your tuk-tuk driver takes you to a "Free Entry" Dilli Haat, please be firm that you want to go to the paid entry Dilli Haat. Taxi and tuk-tuk drivers are on commission for shopping so they are invested in taking you shopping, which means they may take you to a different location. Here is the correct location:

Marvel at Jama Masjid:

Marvel at the architectural grandeur of Jama Masjid, Delhi's iconic mosque. Admire its majestic domes and minarets while soaking in the spiritual ambience of this historic place of worship. You should dress conservatively and remove your shoes before entering the mosque, though you can carry your shoes with you inside if you are worried about losing them (many locals do this).

After visiting Jama Masjid, head to The Minar Cafe:

After entering the Mosque, it's a nice idea to pay a visit to Minar Cafe to enjoy a view of Jama Masjid. As you sip on your coffee or tea, you can enjoy glimpses of this iconic landmark.

Lastly, consider these recommendations from previous Bhavana Experiences' travellers

Anna visited the National Handicrafts Museum in Delhi and highly recommended it. This museum houses a village showcasing wooden artefacts, embroidery, artificial jewellery, and handicrafts from across the country. Every exhibit tells a story of craftsmanship and cultural diversity. I think there are shopping opportunities here and there's a cafe serving healthy Indian food.

Julie and Loz visited Akshardham Temple and loved it! Akshardham means the Diving Abode of God. Opened in 2005, this is a relatively new temple but it is designed to look like some of the older Temples in India. The temple sprawls over 100 acres and features ornately carved pavilions and pillars and approximately 20,000 statues. You can take a boat ride through 10,000 years of Indian history here, and there’s also a Monument to World Peace and an Ayurvedic bazaar.

Every day at 8 pm, there is a water show. Please note that the last entry is at 6.30 pm. Modest dress is required and you cannot take mobile phones or cameras inside. There is a locker system at the entry where you can leave your phones.

Foodie Recommendations close to our hotel:

Florence Inn Restaurant

If you'd rather avoid the crowds outside after a busy day sightseeing, you can order room service at the hotel or sit in the restaurant on the ground floor.

Just a ten-minute walk from our hotel or a short tuk-tuk ride, here you can explore lots of culinary delights in this Indian fast food joint. Halidrams is a well-known brand both in India and abroad. Haldiram products can be found in Indian supermarkets in Leeds and we buy their samosas! In the restaurants, it is a great place to try different street foods in a clean environment. Have a look at the menu, pay at the counter and then take your receipt to the food preparation stations!

Just a two-minute walk from our hotel, here you can try a South Indian Thali or have a Masala Dosa.

A lively little restaurant serving traditional Indian dishes and snacks. They secretly serve beer as well.

If you just want a convenience store to buy drinks and snacks, head to Storeex 24/7.

A great place to try traditional Rajasthani or Gujarati thalis - big portions so come here with an appetite!

I haven't tried it yet, but this one is very popular with foreign travellers.

Bhavana Experiences travellers have been loving this little pub since we started in 2019. It's a very small pub/bar that's perfect for a beer at the end of the day.

Ten minutes from our hotel, but please note, that you do need to cross the busy main road to get here. They offer a huge selection of vegetarian dishes from Northern and Southern India.

The sweetest way to end a busy day in Delhi; choose from ice cream, pancakes, waffles, etc. Note that service is slow for desserts but you can get ice cream quickly :)

Foodie Recommendations Around Delhi

As above, I highly recommend this tour if you're a foodie. A Chef's Tour organises guided food walking tours all over Asia and they are experts. For more information and bookings, click here.

If you want to experience fine dining in Delhi, this is the place to be. Located in a 5* Hotel, Indian Accent has won various awards for its culinary delights. I haven't tried this place yet but it's on my list!

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