All visitors from the UK are required to obtain a visa before entering India. For a short visit of fewer than 60 days, you can apply online for an e-visa.

An e-visa costs $100 (approx. £78).

Your passport should have at least six months validity from your date of arrival in India and you should have two blank pages.

You can apply for your visa here.

How to apply?

Before following these instructions make sure that you have a recent colored photograph which is 2x2inches and less than 1MB & a PDF photocopy of your passport photo page.

E-visa applications are made at 

1. At the bottom of the page click 'apply here for e-visa'

2. Enter your personal details:

passport type

nationality (for Brits: United Kingdom)

port of arrival 

date of birth

email address

expected date of arrival

3. For the 'visa service' option, check the box 'e-TOURIST VISA' and then check the box 'RECREATION/SIGHT-SEEING'

4. Enter the security code to confirm that you're a human and check the box to confirm that you have read all the instructions

5. Click 'continue'

6. Complete the applicant details and passport details sections. Detailed instructions are given on the right-hand side of the page.

For religion, I select 'others' and then type Athiest. 

In the applicant details section, you are asked for visible identification marks. I'm not entirely sure what this means but I always err on the side of caution and declare my two nose piercings!

7. Click 'save and continue'

8. Complete the Applicant's Address Details section.

9. Complete the Family Details section with information about your Mother and Father

Please note that this section needs to be completed even if your parents have passed away

10. Select your marital status and enter your spouse's details if you're married

11. Select Yes/No for the question regarding your parents and grandparents being Pakistan Nationals. If yes, use the box to explain

Please note, if you select yes you may be asked to apply for a visa in the embassy

12. Complete the Profession / Occupation Details of Applicant section

13. Click 'save and continue'

14. Complete Details of Visa Sought section

15. Complete Previous Visa/Currently valid Visa Details Section

If you haven't been to India before this section is easy. If you have been to India before you will need to provide details of your last trip and your most recent visa type and number

16. Complete the Other Information section by listing the countries you have visited in the last 10 years

If the box is not big enough, give priority to countries which have stamped your passport

17. Complete the SAARC Country Visit Details section if you have visited any SAARC countries (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka) in the last 3 years. 

18. Reference section - enter a reference in India. For the Reference in your home country please enter details of your emergency contact

19. Click 'save and continue'

20. Complete the additional questions section by checking Yes/No for the questions

21. Check the box to declare the information you have provided is correct

22. Click 'save and continue'

23. Time to upload your photo - click chose file. Select the file from your computer and click upload

If the file is too big/small or the image is the wrong size, you will be notified here

24. Use the selection box to crop your photo. Click 'crop and save'

25. Check your image in the next page and then click 'Save and Continue'

26. Upload your passport photocopy by clicking choose file. Select a PDF file from your computer. Click 'upload file'

27. Check the box to confirm that you have verified that all the documents as per the requirements

28. Carefully check your details on the Confirm Details page. If everything is correct click 'Verified and Continue'

29. You'll now be taken to the Online Visa Fee Payment page. Scroll down and check the YES box

30. Click 'Pay Now'

31. Check SBIePay or PayPal

31. Click 'Continue'

32. Enter your card details in the SBIePay online form

33. Click 'Pay now'

You will receive an approval email within approximately 2 days of completing the online form.

The email must be printed and taken with you for your arrival at immigration in India.

When you arrive at the airport go to the 'e-Visa' gates with your passport and email print out.