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Guided Group Tours of India
to cultivate your mind

Bhavana in the ancient Sanskrit language means to cultivate. I aim to create guided tours in India in which you feel safe and comfortable so that you can relax and absorb the magic of India. To allow you to do so you will be accompanied by an Indian tour guide and me, every step of the way; from the moment you engage with me online, to the moment you step off the airplane in India, I’ll be with you every step of the way. I hope that through experiencing India with Bhavana Experiences, it will broaden your horizons and cultivate your mind.


24th Sept - 4th Oct 2023

Eat delicious traditional Indian food, sip hot masala chai, dip our toes in the River Ganges, marvel at world-famous landmarks, zoom through the bustling Old Delhi by rickshaw, visit a traditional Punjabi village, and more!


7th - 20th October 2023

When people think of India, the images that come to mind are usually scenes from Rajasthan - lavish palaces, historical forts, folk dance and music, vibrant colours, nomadic tribes, golden deserts, and fierce tigers. Whilst we can promise to show you the full colour and lust for life in Rajasthan, we make no promises on tiger sightings!


2 - 15th November 2023

Join us to cross three states in the South of India; for banana leaf thalis, white sand beaches, colonial architecture,  lush rice fields, masala dosas, ancient temples & churches, Hindu rituals, yoga, palaces, forts, traditional dance, and so much more!

The more time I spend in India, the more I love it. Every day offers a new adventure, experience, or even a challenge. Everything that you see on my itineraries is based on my own experiences, things which I discovered through hostels, retreats, courses, conversations over chai, recommendations from friends, couch surfing, volunteering and just by staying in places for an extended period of time and really getting to know it. Everything we’ll be doing is things that I have already done and loved.

As I will be travelling with you on each of the group tours, it’s really important to me that I plan a tour that I would enjoy. Starting with what my tours are not: sanitized, air-conditioned tour bus holidays where we will be jumping on and off a bus. We’ll be trying to experience the ‘Real India’ as much as possible. From travelling by train to visiting villages off the beaten track, eating homemade meals in family homes, to participating in Hindu rituals, celebrating festivals and eating langar amongst thousands of pilgrims. 


Although I want you to experience as much as possible whilst visiting India, I think it’s also really important that you have some time to relax, spend a bit of time away from the group, and go out exploring to create your own adventures. That’s why, when out of the bigger cities, you’ll have plenty of free time and some of the hotels will have swimming pools.

For more information about these tours please contact me by email or WhatsApp. When I'm in India, I can't receive calls on this number but you can call me on WhatsApp :)        07858951900

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